with real intent

Psalm One
Why hast thou not cast me off O Lord? Why hast thou not forsaken me?
Why have the bowels of thy mercy been poured out upon me?
From morn to eve and through the night should my soul be drawn out in thanksgiving to thee.
But yet, I spend my days giving little thought to thy kingdom.
O Lord, how can such an unthankful servant be the receiver of so many of thy blessings?
How is it that thou sendest thy Spirit to one such as I, to comfort me and to teach me?
I will always recognize my unworthiness before thee.
I will always confess my sins to thee, for I know that thou knowest the thoughts of my heart, and there can be nothing hid from thy sight.
The desires thou knowest also. Wouldest that they may be right in thine eyes.
Wouldest that my ways, may be thy ways and my thoughts, thy thoughts.
That I may be a tool in thine hand, a polished shaft in thy quiver is my supplication.

John Wright
June 24, 1990
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